A Formula for Leadership.

Why would a smart, highly-competent, energetic executive need a coach?

Because there’s a huge difference between doing a job yourself, and leading it done through others.

Since most executives began their ascent in their organizations by being recognized for their outstanding personal performance, many are unable, when moved into a leadership role, to change the formula. They’re no longer doing the task, they’re responsible for getting it done. Big difference.

Many will bully. Or demand. Or insert themselves to such an extent that they damage the willingness of their employees to contribute. This is the, “do as I say summation.” The implication is, “I’m the boss and I know better than you.” In that equation, who needs the worker? The boss is the more valuable contributor. The result is workers who feel as though they are just a minor variable.

The old ( “I” equals output ) calculation no longer holds.

A successful leadership formula drops the “I” and substitutes a “You.”

– Jerry Strom

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