The Leadership Diet

I know many of us often start a new year with a list of resolutions … or, at a minimum … we’ve at least considered some things we’d like to see changed, or different, or accomplished, in the coming days, months, year. And now that it’s January, we’re faced with the reality we’ve got to do something about it. Ohhh.

Which leads me to the thought of “achievement.”

You must admit our best leaders have a knack for getting things done. So what makes them able to succeed where others fail?

It seems to me their ability to achieve is the result of “three Ps” – picture, process, and people.

  • Picture” means vision – having a clear idea of where they’re headed, and why they’re going there. And then, figuring out exactly how to communicate it and explain it to others in a way that gets them interested in going along as well.
  • Secondly, they commit to a “process” – meaning they develop a routine they believe will advance them toward their goals, and they regularly follow it. They’re great at personal discipline – holding themselves, and everyone involved, accountable. Leaders who achieve have a real purpose to each and every day. Good habits = good results.
  • And finally, they engage their “people” – putting their focus squarely on relationships which result in attracting the energy and commitment of others. This I believe is where the majority of their time is spent – maintaining and expanding the human connections on which they rely, and making steady progress.

So, as we move into the new year, I’d like to recommend a steady diet which is proven effective for leaders: Picture. Process. People.

It’s a very doable formula for achievement. Happy New Year!

– Jerry Strom

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