What’s Love Got to Do with It?

wreath-2015_1It’s certainly true you can look at leadership from a lot of different angles. So at this magnificent time of the year, in deference to the spirit of Christmas, I’d like to consider leadership in the light of the holiday season.

I wonder … have you ever given any thought to a connection between leadership and love? I’m serious. Hear me out.

How you answer that question probably depends on which of two categories you fall into:

One. If leadership to you simply boils down to the raw exercise of power, authority, and position – directing others, telling, making decisions and being in charge … probably not. What could love possibly have to do with it?

If on the other hand, you believe the very nature of leadership can be understood, impacted, and enhanced by a whole host of underlying forces, including “love” … maybe you’ve given it some consideration and are willing to entertain a connection?

Should “love” even be in the leadership lexicon? I believe so. Here’s why.

I believe exceptional leaders love on a whole bunch of levels.

They love their work, going to work, doing their work. They love the opportunity to contribute and play a role in something larger than themselves. They love progress, and camaraderie. They love to see things improve. They love to overcome obstacles, disappointments, disagreements, misunderstandings. They love to pursue unity. They love the responsibilities they shoulder. They love to see others succeed. They love effort. They love that they have people to lead. They love people.

Without love, it’s just a daily-grind. I really don’t know any leader who hates their work, and excels in it. When people put their personal interests aside, and work for the benefit of the group – they do the best.

As a practical matter, love alters relationships in a positive direction. It builds as compared to tearing down, diminishing, distancing. Love draws close, strengthens, encourages. Love builds the team. Love succeeds.

When others see, feel, and experience love, they can only respond with joy and appreciation.

By taking a careful and considered look at leadership, I hope you’ll acknowledge the presence of love as a powerful force. Is it too strong a word? I don’t think so. It may very well be the essence of leadership? Only you can decide for sure.

Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays to all!

– Jerry Strom

Twitter: @JerryRStrom.

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