Leading Over the Long-Term

In sitting with a group of senior government leaders, SES and GS-15s, we discussed how they could sustain their leadership agendas and make a real difference in their agencies – five rather simple, and yet essential strategies emerged:

Don’t aim at everything.

An overambitious agenda (too many objectives) is just as bad as no agenda. You’re in a position to make a certain contribution over time, not everything. So sharpen your focus, put your long-term vision in place, and seek to accomplish a meaningful specific.

Stay connected with people.

Be engaged with your workers and with the work they’re doing. Trust them that they’ll help, and be positive. 95% of the workforce is on it … don’t focus on the few who are creating issues. Make it a pleasure to come to work, and help people enjoy their jobs, have some fun, and be part of the solution.

Success is motivating.

Make sure you articulate the progress that’s being made. Mark the milestones – identify them, speak about them, celebrate these successes and help people look forward to the next one. When you create the right environment you make it easier to achieve the results you seek.

Be primal.

Children look to their parents for “love and acceptance,” and that basic need doesn’t change as they grow up and go to work. So why not be the one who helps satisfy this inner hunger by being generous with your appreciation?

Work for achievement.

Perform simply means “to do.” You can do many tasks, and still never reach your goal. Achieve is a better word, because it indicates completion – reaching the end. A good end. It’s the best way to be successful over the long-term.

– Jerry Strom

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