Good Thinking

Last time we looked at the importance of independent thinking – this time around we consider the value of positive thinking – where good overcomes the bad.

There’s a big difference between good thinking, and bad thinking. (I know that sounds obvious.) But as a leader, how can you tell which is which?

Good thinking is positive in nature. It creates a positive environment for performance. It builds up and encourages. It invites participation, motivates and engages. It diminishes obstacles and provides hope. It produces positive responses, which lead to positive results. Because it has a “can do” connotation, it spurs action and effort. Good thinking lays the groundwork for good things, and proceeds real accomplishments and success.

On the other hand, bad thinking is based on negativity – “can’t do” or “won’t happen.”

In many ways the pandemic has cast a pall on the positive. Time to make a change.

How do you see things?

Our study on Improving Performance at Work shows that the environment you create has a significant impact on end results. It affects every individual, every project, every goal, every office, and every team. The best working environments create a sense of freedom to do the work, unhindered with clear objectives in mind. There’s consistency to the development of people, their ability to do their work, their empowerment, and to the trust, treatment, support, and respect they’re given.

What do you get in return?

Greater faith in upper management, for one. Good thinking gets you there.

And what can you do be doing?

Stay neutral:” Not too high, or too low, but stay “on purpose.” Meeting leadership challenges means taking charge of your emotions and not letting negative feelings hijack your energy and commitment.

Win every day:” What I mean by that is when you’re working, don’t take the day off. Get it? Every day is an opportunity to advance your goals. Don’t allow distractions to derail your progress. Some days are better than others, but don’t finish the day in the same place you began.

Have some fun:” Happy and harmonious leads to highly productive.

When you love your work, and you love your people, you’re living the positive. Good thinking.

– Jerry Strom

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