‘The High Points’ (Mini-Series Begins February 2012)

I’m glad you’ve joined me to look a bit more closely at ‘Leadership’ through these articles at Encouragement.com.

The tests I conducted earlier this year seem to be working – people are subscribed, lists are compiled, articles are on their way, new participants are invited to join – so now it’s time (in the words of Jean-Luc Picard) to “make it so,” and announce my publishing plans for 2012. Whew. For many of you, thank you for your patience. I fully intend to make this a regular effort in developing leaders, in the hope we can all learn together.

Since 2004, I’ve been gathering information about the ‘High Points’ of leadership, by regularly asking the question, “What are the five things you would most like to know about leadership?” In other words, what things are just beyond your reach of understanding that hold exceptional promise in helping you address common issues you face at work?

Now it’s time to examine the responses, and explore the results.

Introducing ‘The High Points Survey: Identifying the common questions about Leadership’ (Copyright 2011 – Jerry Strom & Co., Inc.). Nearly 1,000 surveys have been compiled, from the most recent data.

Do you have any idea what people are most interested in learning? Where are the training gaps? What’s missing? The survey showed me I only had part of the picture … and you may be as surprised at some of the answers as I was. Could you name the top-10 questions that people have? You will, since we’re going to look at these results carefully, month-by-month, over the course of the year.

Here’s the plan.

Beginning in February, I’ll be highlighting one of the top-10 responses each month in my articles here at Encouragement.com. It’s a complete mini-series of leadership development insights. And it’s a good way to bring us back in touch with the ‘High Points,’ expanding our abilities, our skill sets, and our understanding. As a result, we’ll be better equipped to lead and succeed.

The High Points Survey itself was conducted on leadership in the context of “relationships.” How well do we relate with others? How do we create working relationships that result in results? The survey revealed few are interested in the academic, while many more are looking for the application. Namely, “what can leadership do for me? How can I put it into practice? How can it help me do my job?”

This is the announcement, so why am I waiting until February to post the first article?

I was hoping to invite others to join us. New Year’s resolutions and all. It’s an appropriate time to remember colleagues, friends, and family, and invite them to join us by registering to this monthly series. It’s free. And I hope to make it fun, engaging, and beneficial. Trifecta!

If you’d like to encourage your peers to join in – that would be a great help. Registered participants will receive new articles automatically, via email, as they’re published.

You can find a description of the study at www.jerrystrom.com/js_high-points.html

Let’s make it a new year to remember, by tackling the ‘The High Points of Leadership’ together. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

– Jerry Strom

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