Dr. Carl Rogers taught the nature of a person is constantly in a state of flux – the fluidity of becoming a person being a process vs. a product. We’re not in a fixed position, but in motion.

The direction we choose to go by our decisions and our actions is determined to be our character.

But we all make mistakes.

The ‘Fault Lines Leadership Study’ (http://www.JerryStrom.com/research/js_fault-lines.html) shows us the biggest mistakes leaders make. Some big ones to be sure. But many smaller mistakes can happen, as well.

When we make a mistake. We need admit it and fix it.

Fixety is best thought of as a regular repair process, rather than an illusion of perfection. You can be sure people will notice our flaws. But our attention to making things right, will keep our character, and our credibility, headed in the right direction.

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